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Pop-Up Shavuot Art

Pop-Up Shavuot Art: Have you ever wanted to make your own pop-up card? Are you fascinated by the beauty of pop-up books? Do pop-ups make the story come alive? Join Rabbi Elyssa for the kick-off session of the Community-Wide Tikkun Leil Shavuot to make your very own Shavuot Pop-Up on ZOOM. Materials will be available for pick-up in advance. Rabbi Elyssa will walk you through making the pop-up as she explains the symbolism of the images. May 16 @ 7:30pm (before candlelighting)

5/23, 5/30, 6/6 - 2021

Walking the Jewish Labyrinth

A 3 session text course on spiritual pathways in the Jewish Tradition and the meditative practice of walking the Labyrinth. Text class will be from 10-11am on ZOOM. Please register online. If possible, we will also meet in the afternoon at outdoor Labyrinths as Rabbi Elyssa guides us in walking the Labyrinth as a tool for gaining clarity and purpose.

Register by clicking here!

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